Put an end to YO-YO DIETING and finally get your fit body!

 Are you frustrated with getting minimal or NO results despite working your ass off? 

Are you constantly disappointed in yourself for getting great results for a week or two only to see them fade away in just a few weeks when you start to lose motivation?

Are you caught in a cycle of eating PERFECTLY through the week... but the second you lose your weekday routine, you find that your weekends are a total write off??

You promise yourself (AGAIN *eye roll*) that you'll get back on track and that THIS TIME "It will be different!" 

....but deep down you know it won't.

And you start to doubt if you'll EVER escape that endless cycle.

Oh, and in case you didn't figure it out already...cardio doesn't erase those "bad" days!

GIRL...I get it.
It's not fun!

That's why I've created this 90-Day Transformation program. To give you a SIMPLE game plan that's easy to stick to and keeps you accountable with coaching support & guidance throughout!

I'll make it SIMPLE for you.

All you need to do is
follow my instructions for
EXACTLY what to do, check-in
with me once a week and 
watch your body transform! 

Thats it!

It's the program I wish I had three years ago when I was struggling.

So trust me when I say, I'm here for you girl! 

Customized Training Regimen

A complete customized workout routine that supports building lean, TONED muscle and ramps up the fat burning process.

*Updated monthly

Weekly Check-Ins

Stay accountable and be in touch with me weekly to check in on the past week, share progress measurements/photos and ask me any questions.

Exclusive Online Access

Access your program through an online portal where you can also track your progress in the gym and SEE your daily victories to keep you motivated! Download the app on your phone and watch exercise video demos as you go!

Personalized Meal Plan

A personalized meal plan to compliment your training and help boost the fat burning process. 

*Updated monthly

Cardio Guidelines

A total cardio routine to compliment your training and nutrition to MAXIMIZE progress.
It's everything you need to be successful!

  •   You want a simple program with accountability
  •   You have struggled with making progress the last several months
  •   You are SO READY to do what it takes to FINALLY get results
  •  You are tired of trying fad diets and detoxes that don't actually work
  •   You want to build lean, toned muscle and shapely curves

  •   You are not able to prep your own food
  •  You are not able to commit to being in the gym 5-6 days a week
  •  You are expecting instant results
  •  You don't have a gym membership 
  •  You have never used weights before
  •  You don't want to get fit 


129 CAD
(approx. $99 USD)
Reg. $537 CAD (~439 USD)
  • Customized Workout Routine*
  • Personalized Meal Plan*
  • Portal Access To Your Program
  • Weekly E-mail Check Ins
  • Exercise Video Demonstrations
  • Cardio Guidelines
  • X
  • X
  • BONUS 15% off Your Next Online Coaching Package

199 CAD
(approx. $159 USD)
Reg. $747 CAD (~610 USD)
  • Customized Workout Routine*
  • Personalized Meal Plan*
  • Portal Access To Your Program
  • Weekly E-mail Check Ins
  • Exercise Video Demonstrations
  • Cardio Guidelines
  • Monthly  1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • 5 BONUS At-Home Workouts (min. equipment)
  • BONUS 30% off Your Next Online Coaching Package
Success Stories

"By the time I went to see Ray I needed to lose inches to feel comfortable in my wedding dress. I wanted more toned arms and to look and feel lighter. I also desperately wanted to see the scale come down. 

I used to struggle with meal planning and prep. I would try to make healthy choices but we would often be unprepared at home to maintain good eating habits. I would "eat well" all day but be so hungry in the evenings that I would snack and never really feel satiated (this made me feel horrible about myself). Now I feel full after every meal, I don't snack or get cravings. When we have a special occasion/family dinner I can make better choices, eat less and still feel like i have had a treat. I can also get back to my diet plan with ease the very next meal. 

Victories/ changes I saw: My knees stopped cracking when I walked/did steps/squats. I lost 2 pant sizes. I fit into my clothes better (confidence boost). I did the rugged maniac (finished and felt great at the end!). My routine has helped me manage my time more efficiently and I feel inspired to continue with this healthy lifestyle even though I " finished" what i set out to do!..."

"I came across Rachel’s Instagram page a few weeks into my search for a personal trainer. I knew that if Rachel in real life was anything like Rachel on Instagram she would be a great fit to get me one (if not ten) steps closer to my goal. What really drew me to Rachel was her positive and down to earth attitude, commitment to hard work, and the fact that she likes to have fun while working hard.

Fun fact: Rachel on Instagram is the exact same as Rachel in person. 

In the short amount of time we have been working together, Rachel has had a big impact on my life. Not only is she passionate about fitness, but also overall health. She recognizes and feeds my strengths and helps me to overcome my weaknesses. I feel stronger and more confident in the gym and have lost a total of SIX INCHES off of my waist! It is very clear how much time Rachel puts into all of her clients. I have a personalize workout plan for when I am at the gym by myself, a personalized meal plan which includes my favourite foods and I have my one on one sessions with Rachel where I have the opportunity to ask any questions I may have while getting my sweat on..."


"Over the past year of training with Rachel, I’ve lost over 50 lbs, dropped 3 pants sizes and I’ve gained so much confidence and strength that I did not even know that I had! When I first started I had no confidence and I didn’t believe in myself, but now it’s improved so much that I signed myself up for a random photo shoot just to celebrate my 90 days push that I just finished!

Throughout this whole entire process, Rachel has always been there. She has been there when I wanted to say “I can’t do this” and she tells me “you can do this, you just have to push yourself and believe in yourself because you are worth it!...”


Stacie came to me with a goal of losing 20 pounds by Christmas.  We sat down and figured out her game plan and I set her up with a customized meal plan/training plan with flexibility to work around her busy summer schedule.
1 WEEK IN Stacie told me that she already felt better (mentally and physically) and was excited with her progress. Since then, this girl has continued to be on FIRE and pushes herself hard in every workout.
Despite some obstacles, Stacie has been focused on bettering herself every workout, set and rep. (She dumbbell bench presses 35s for 8-10 reps)
This is only 8 weeks in with a less aggressive plan and we're already HALFWAY to her goal!
I can only imagine where we'll be a few more weeks from now with her less busy schedule and switching gears to tighten up her meal plan and adjust the workouts/cardio!!!

"I reached out to this livefit babe a few months ago in hopes that she could help me to lose some weight & make healthier food choices after many failed attempts by myself.

This girl has completely exceeded my expectations as a health coach.. and I have actually made progress!! I'm down in weight AND inches & with her meal plans I have managed to maintain my results.. even when I'm not 100% consistent. 

Rachel is unbelievably motivating, smart as hell & her positive energy is contagious!! My time with her over these past few months has been very sweaty to say the least but also full of laughs. I look forward to training with her not only because I know she'll kick my butt with her wicked workouts, but also because she actually gives a shit about my progress & always takes the time to check in. I'm grateful to have such an inspiring coach who keeps me in check, and I'm excited to continue working with her!! #livefitbabe #beastmode #mycoach>yourcoach"


"I want to say that I have found an AMAZING personal fitness trainer when it comes to Rachel. I had done some online research before choosing Ray. I am extremely happy I did. She brings such a wealth of knowledge and energy to the table. We sat down, discussed my goals and nutritional habits and she has since customized a workout specific to my needs and goals.

She pushes me to get the most out of my workouts, is attentive and makes the adjustments needed during my workouts to ensure I am doing the exercise effectively and safely. When you feel like you don't have the last reps to give, she encourages you and gets those last reps out.

She has made working out enjoyable. She has changed the way I work out and I fell back in love with working out because of her. Her energy, knowledge and dedication is above par! I don't know what else I could ask for in a trainer. Her personality is radiant, her dedication is inspiring and she reaches out to give you the motivation you need! I Highly, highly recommended Ray Colvin to use as a personal trainer. "


Are you ready to finally make this happen??

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